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    Training Wheels for the Web

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Our Mission

We're combating unhealthy internet habits for the next generation of technology users through an interactive web extension training program and equip them with a self-awareness to navigate the Web in a safe and healthy manner.

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Our Impact

Hi there! We are making WebWheels, an interactive literary simulator for kids to develop safe and healthy habits for navigating the web

Our Motivation

As technology plays a larger role in society, children are being exposed to using technology earlier in their lives. However, children do not receive sufficient education about navigating the web in a safe, efficient, and healthy manner

Our Method

Download an overlay onto your current Web browser so your children can learn the intricacies of the Web, distinguishing right from wrong and ultimately understand why


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Rohan Dixit

Chief Executive Officer

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Ankit Sheth

Chief Operations Officer

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Abdul Ali

Chief Financial Officer

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Matt Fan

Chief Technology Officer

We are a group of 4 students in the University of Maryland’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (EIP). Our team has a diverse skillset that combines both technical and business skills.